Patient Testimonials

"When I came to this clinic I was experiencing upper and lower back pain, and pain on the left side of my neck. After several weeks of therapy and treatments from Dr. Shannon and her wonderful staff, I am proud to say that I am pain free! Thank you!" - Melvin W.

"I came to the clinic to be checked out after an auto-accident. I thought I would be looked at and given a few manipulations and be sent on my way. I am very pleased I came here. A professional staff and Dr. Roberts is great. He listens to you and does an extensive pre-workup of x-rays. He can feel your back's needs as he touches you. I could not believe he could do that. It made me feel even better being seen by him instead of another doctor. Not does he only take care of you in what he can do, but I've been referred to a neurologist to see if they could find stuff wrong with my back that he may have missed, and to clarify what he finds. His office will work with you in just about any way to make sure you can get to your visits. If you get in an accident and need some medical work up for whiplash or other back problems, see Dr. Roberts." - Donald S.

"I would like to thank you all for all the hard work and know-how that went into helping heal my aching, broke down body. When I first came to the office, I was very skeptical as to what your office could/would do to help me. But as the weeks went on, I can now walk without a limp, my hip is healed, and my back pain is gone most of the time. When I do get pain, you have equipped me with what I need to do to help the pain go away. You really know your stuff." - Ms. Jackson

"My daughter and I were recently in a car accident where we were rear ended by a drunk driver. I had a lot of abdominal pain as I had just had surgery a few weeks before. The pain just kept getting worse, and medications weren't helping. When a cousin of mine recommended that I see a doctor, I listened, and that is how we met the wonderful Dr. Shannon. She took us right in and quickly decided on a plan of action to get us both feeling better. I had never seen a chiropractor before so I was not sure what to expect, but I found myself loving it and loving her tenderness. We were beyond pleased with Dr. Shannon and her bedside manner, along with her wonderful staff." - Sara T.

"There is a genuinely warm feeling from the first time you walk in the door. You and your staff treat your patients with care and respect. Being in the medical profession myself, I can really appreciate what it takes to accomplish this." - Lisa R.

"When I first came in I could hardly sleep, couldn't work, and having two boys ages 11 & 6 I was hurt and hopeless. In less than two months I'm back to work, sleeping well, and I'm able to be a helping husband and helpful father. The employees were very kind and considerate of my flexible schedule. The doctor is straight-forward with your recovery, but she also showed kindness and concern. This entire office puts patients first." - Mark A.

110% LOVE THIS PLACE!!! I will be the 1st to recommend physical therapy here, the staff is AMAZING & totally know what they're doing! I'm so thankful for them & to see total change within my neck & back after coming here!!! - Anesia M.